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Hi, my name is Karol. I teach things about painting and invite other teachers to talk and teach things about their art-life and painting. These things are so good, and it is honestly incredible who and what we have done in a year. I like painting outdoors.

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Our Story

Why we are connecting artists.

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Guest Artists

Learn from experts every month.

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Painting & Drawing

Projects, demos and more.

Who TOAS is for:

You'll love it here if:

  • You are an artist driven by curiosity, having fun and learning from Modern Masters?
  • Want the support of a caring community.
  • Have kind words and helpful critiques to share.
  • Keen to learn and try new adventures.
  • Distance, mobility or being in big groups hold you back from workshops.
  • Excited to meet new artists from across the world.
  • Be inspired by experts.
  • Enjoy participating in a project at your own pace.
  • Like the support from a regular demos and Q&A's
  • Want access to a library of mini courses.
  • See yourself learning and growing as an artist.
  • Want to make progress with painting.


Who TOAS is not for:

We won't get along and paint well if:

  • You are not tolerant of all skill levels of other artists.
  • There is a lack of respect for our Modern Masters.
  • Don't have anything good to say to others.
  • Are not supportive of other community members.
  • You're not really a self starter.
  • Are a 'hava chat' who takes over the private group with non art stuff.
  • Bent on showing off continually.
  • Don't like interaction of any sort.
  • You are not open to learning more about art and painting.

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Our story is one of building a community of artists and teachers so that we can learn support and inspire each other across the miles.

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