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The Online Art Society.


The place for you to connect with artists and make progress with painting.


This vibrant community of artists and supporters is here for you.

Our membership is by subscription, our enthusiasm for art is contagious and we enjoy helping each other to go further with our painting while being inspired by regular Guest Artists and so much more.

Photo credit to Olga Guryanova

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About The Online Art Society. 

We are a membership community made up of artists and supporters with a warm welcome for new members.


Our purpose as an online art society is to connect with each other across the miles, making new friends in art while we make progress with painting, together. 


TOAS provides a private central hub to create and learn about painting. We have regular online meetups and a chat area to show what we are doing and support other members with their success or challenges.


No matter what medium you use or are thinking of trying, no matter what level you are at with your art;  if you like being part of a painting community, then this is for you. We welcome all styles of painting and any media, we welcome your  creativity.


We work together, moving forward with our art at a doable pace, encouraging, educating and supporting each other. Our community of artists inspires each other through 'painting with purpose'. Each month there are painting projects/challenges/activities to engage with ,or not. These are supported with demonstrations, Q & A  and other fabulous opportunities to learn more about art and painting. 


If that sounds like it suits you then please join us and open  the door to  a whole new fully supported adventure.


The Online Art Society aims to help aspiring artists of all levels to make progress with their painting. 


Educate, Inspire and Connect. 

Here's what two members have to say:


Cherry Carroll

 "Over the past 30 years I have been involved in a number of art societies, galleries and groups and can honestly say that The Online Art Society is superior to them all.
It is well organised, has exciting and varied activities, and Karol is so very generous with her knowledge and time. Members support one another in a friendly helpful manner and  would recommend anyone wanting to join us to do so. You will not regret it."    Happy painting Cherry Carroll

Joe Dennis

"The Online Art Society organised by Karol......... an amazing experience and Karol's challenges have helped me to improve my drawing and perception skills. It has led me to try new skills and approaches in my subject matter and look forward to more challenges and learning curves. I recommend all levels of artists to get on board to learn from this great mentor."
Cheers Joe