Tone in Art - the Micro Workshop.

Calling all Artists who want to know how to use tone in art for effective paintings.


This micro workshop  was recorded live and is in two parts. There is direct instruction, a short demo and Q&A   !!

This two hour informative session is $37USD

Includes downloads of a Workbook, tone bar/value scale, colour wheel and template.

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Tone in art is just one of the painting tools artists use to  create a mood, give a 3D look  and a realism to an artwork. Tone makes flat things come to life.

Learn how tone improves your unique style of painting and drawing.

Tone used with understanding, helps the viewer to experience the artist's idea as it explains the mood and story of a painting, making it all the more believable.

We are exploring how tone is used in art to make paintings. The micro workshop runs through why tone is important, how it relates to colour and clears up the awkwardness of relating tone to colour in our artworks. 

This workshop is for artists of any skill level no matter what the subject or medium is.