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Experience the joy of watching your skills bloom as you receive usable tools, guidance and support on your journey towards artists excellence.


Artistic Guidance is a one hour session that helps artists by giving constructive comments, useable tools and help, based on observations of their work so that they can make positive changes to transform their artwork to a new level.


  • Many artists struggle with their paintings not working or selling, and they often feel doubt and lack confidence in their abilities.
  • Not sure how to get feedback - loved ones offer supportive comments, but they lack the specific feedback needed to improve.
  • Don‚Äôt have a lot of time as this is a hobby and they have a lot of other life commitments
  • Feeling stuck in your current artistic endeavours and not sure how to progress.

Book a one on one session with Karol Oakley Professional Artist and easy to work with human!

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How does this work?

  • A personalised painting critique and support session is for one hour.
  • The cost is $130 AUD per session.
  • There are 4 sessions open¬†each month with artists able to book one or more sessions on a first come first booked basis.
  • Pay by PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Book a one hour time that suits you. ¬†At this time ¬†the sessions are available on Tuesday 1:00 -7:00pm AEST and Wednesday 10:00am - 2:00pm AEST
  • Receive an email with the preparation work to do before the session and your zoom link.¬†
  • Join the Zoom meeting for the session.
  • Receive the recording link available to you for a month to review the session.


What do I get in a typical Artists Guidance Session?

  • Gain the confidence to present your art to family friends or even at a show
  • Maximize your¬†limited time and make significant advancements in your¬†skills by getting personalised professional advice from a working artist
  • By improving your¬†work and adding finishing touches, your¬†paintings can stand out and attract attention in a gallery¬†or show
  • Make money from your art.
  • Assessment of you the artists' current position in your¬†painting journey.
  • An overall review of paintings by comparing an old painting with a new one to identify changes and the reasons behind them to help them improve and provide guidance on areas that need improvement
  • Ask questions and seek advice on their painting projects during the session
  • The session will be recorded and available for replay for a month.
  • Take your painting to another level by receiving reliable and impactful professional advice.
  • Detailed assessment of what is working and what‚Äôs not working so you know what to change.
  • Constructive comments to help grow your art.¬†
  • An assessment of where you are at now on your painting path so that you can look with fresh eyes and start identifying¬†areas to develop.
  • Discover¬†your¬†unique painting tools that will transform your painting toward artistic excellence.
  • Support and encouragement to ask questions and make changes with confidence.


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Who am I to guide you on this artful adventure? 

Hello my name is Karol Oakley. I've been painting for 30 years as a professional artist and learnt my craft by doing and learning from the best.

My super skill is being able to see the wood for the trees and give constructive observations to others on the painting path. My forte is soft pastel painting and I'm a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia. Since way back, I've been teaching others how to paint. Which just means when it comes to painting, I know my  onions. 

Painting Critiques are necessary for any artist using any medium, to move forward. They don't need to be scary, off putting or daunting experiences. Well they aren't when I do critiques. That's why I prefer to call them reviews and assessments . They give confidence and useable help.

I hope you will decide to work with me and see what guidance I can bring to your painting adventure as you move forward to artistic excellence. 


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My Promise to You:

I give and honest, personalised and supportive one hour session where artists receive valuable feedback and guidance to enhance their artwork. 


I believe in and valuable  positive comments given in a gentle and constructive manner. We will go through your painting together, looking for the good bits and the areas that need attention.
Then I show you what tools You Need To Build A Successful artwork that guides you on your journey to artistic excellence.


Karol Oakley 

Master Pastellist Pastel Society of Australia  Founder and Facilitator of The Online Art Society.