Our Story, about us.

Why we are connecting artists like you across the world.

The Online Art Society. 

In 2018 an online pastel learning platform was started, with the aim of helping artists who where isolated for any reason, from coming to a face to face work shop.

So many of us are stuck at home and unable to get to a workshop, class or demonstration. This platform is still working and servicing a need in the arts community.

Then Covid-19 hit.

2020..... and so many artists needed more.   Courses are great but it is the connection, the interaction, the support and the mentoring that we need and look forward to.

Hence The Online Art Society was created in June 2020 to offer a unique place to engage with other artists, to talk, to help each other, be supported, and inspired even, but most of all to be a community. 

A year later and we are growing in numbers and in spirit. Our support and rapport  is something to be experienced.

That's our story. We came together in a time of crisis and have developed into a community who cares.


Educate    Inspire    Connect

Our Purpose.

 Today the Online Art Society known by it's tag, TOAS. We are home to artists from across the world.

While we are an Australian based group who give a warm welcome to artists from all over.

Our purpose is to connect artists and tutors, to inspire and to educate, while making progress with painting. 

Our Invitation:

If you want to be..........

  • motivated with regular painting time
  • inspired by Guest Artists 
  • Learn more about painting
  • involved in an arts community
  • meeting new friends
  • skilled up and learning more
  • happy to show your art
  • receiving regular help
  • new art friends to share with
  • confident to get painting

Then come and join us as in our private membership community.

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Come and Join Us.

On behalf of all the members, you are welcome to be part of our arts community.

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